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SAFARI Download Page

Downloading the Installer files

To install the new version of Safari you must download SAFODBC.EXE from this web page - see below.

Note: This files is large and will require some time to download, especially on slower connections. Please be patient!

Only users with access to these systems will be able to use SAFARI.ODBC. SAFARI.ODBC is a Windows-only tool. Macintosh users who wish to use SAFARI.ODBC should first install Virtual PC or SoftWindows on their Macintosh, and then download and install the SAFARI installer files inside of Windows, using the following instructions. In addition, a PowerPoint presentation is available HERE that gives instructions on how to install and setup the Safari files.

In Windows, create a set of temporary folders into which you will download the install programs. Each program should be placed in a separate folder within the temporary folder you setup. For example, you could use a temporary folder setup as follows:

Download (Temporary folder name for downloading programs to desktop)

Safodbc (Temporary folder to hold SAFARIODBC.EXE)

Download SAFARIODBC.EXE to this folder
Click here to Download the SAFARIODBC.EXE file.

(This zipped file is roughly 4 megabytes in size.)

Once SAFARIODBC.EXE has been downloaded into the folder, double click on the program name - SAFARIODBC.EXE - to extract the installer files into the folder.

Once the extracted installer files for SAFARIODBC.EXE have been extracted into the folder, read the following section and then go to the appropriate install section:

Then follow the instructions for installing each package.

ODBC Wizard Update

ODBC update allows the wizard prompt to be used when changing an existing ODBC Query.

NOTE: The current version of ODBC, 4.01.02 must be loaded before installing this update. Read the following instructions on how to verify the version of ODBC you are using and how to install the update.

How To Verify What
Version of ODBC You Have Loaded:

In order to determine the version of Safari ODBC, you need to use the ODBC 32 Administrator. This can be accessed via the Control Panel, or Start | Programs | Safari Bi Plus | Safari InfoTools | ODBC 32 Administrator.

Once you are in the ODBC 32 Administrator, click on the "Drivers" tab. Look for the "SAFODBC (English) Driver 32" -- it may be towards the bottom of the list. The version is listed. If you have the one released with UDMS 7.1-AA before the service pack, the version will be "4.01.02" or something similar. After you install the Service Pack, the driver version should be "4.01.05".

Click HERE to download file ODBCUPDATE.EXE

Once ODBCUPDATE.EXE is placed on your PC, click on it to execute the setup file for the update.

Please contact or call Ken Papay at 740-389-4798 Ext:225 if you have any problems or questions.

Steps for installing the newest Safari ODBC Driver (Version 3.03)

Note: See PowerPoint presentation for a step by step set of actual screens displayed during installation.

To install the Safari ODBC Driver, open the "Safodbc" folder and do the following:

  1. Run Setup (Double click on the SETUP.EXE to start the install process)
  2. 'Next' to next screen
  3. Enter Your Name
  4. Enter School District Name
  5. For SAFARI ODBC Enter License Key: Please call 740-389-4798 Extension 721 for Key
  6. 'Next' to next screen ('English' Version)
  7. NEXT to next screen ('Perform full installation')
  8. YES - Accept license agreement
    ****R E P E A T S E C T I O N:(To setup connection names for USAS, USPS, EIS, SIS, EMIS, and DEMO SYSTEMS)
  9. Setup Connect Configurations
    *** NOTE: You can 'Add' configurations at any time
  10. ADD button
  11. Connection Name ? USAS
  12. Server Name -
  13. USERNAME - put in our TRECA user name
  14. PASSWORD - Recommend you leave blank
  15. CONFIRM PASSWORD - must confirm password if entered: Again, we recommend you leave the password fields blank for security purposes
  16. Go to ADVANCE SETUP button
  17. Leave PORT # and SERVICE alone (leave defaults)
  18. Type in path name for your connection.
    Example would be OECN$:SAFARI USAS
    Example would be OECN$:SAFARI SIS
    Example would be OECN$:SAFARI SIS Care (Care being the building name listed in Bunny)
  19. Press OK
  20. Press OK again
    **** Go back to R E P E A T steps 10 through 20 for each package that you want to
  21. To continue after connection setup is done choose Next Program folder to put in (Use default Safari Info TOOLS)
  22. Choose Next for Destination Location to put in
  23. Use Default C:\SafarlT\Safodbc
  24. Choose Next for Current Settings
    *** Software installs
  25. Choose Finish to 'Return to Main Menu'
  26. DONE