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SAFARI is a report writing tool that will allow you to access OECN State supported software, USAS, USPS, EIS, EMIS, and Student Information System (SIS) software packages. Only users with access to these systems will be able to use SAFARI. SAFARI is a Windows-only tool, so Macintosh users will need to use a PC emulator to run SAFARI. They can do this by installing SoftWindows or Virtual PC on their Macintosh and then installing SAFARI into that Windows environment.

SAFARI has a full graphical interface, which includes drag and drop, helping hand, colors, fonts, and effects. Your reports can be labels, crosstabs, detail or summary and can include graphs, charts, or pictures. There is also a Windows interface that allows you to access the same data files using any of the Windows systems that support database connections. In order for the database connections to work, your desktop machine must have an Internet connection and must have Microsoft Query loaded. Examples of some of the desktop applications that can be setup to access your district data are:

  • Lotus
  • Excel
  • WordPerfect
  • MS-Word
  • Quattro Pro
  • Access database
  • Filemaker Pro

To install SAFARI and SAFODBC, there are two files that must be downloaded to your desktop and extracted. They can be accessed from this web page - SAFARI Download Page. There is no charge for the use of the software, but you must obtain a username and password from TRECA (see below) in order to gain access to the download page and to download the install programs. Instructions for downloading and installing SAFARI and SAFODBC are also included on this download web page.

Obtaining a Username and Password for Downloading the Installation Program

A username and password will be required to download the install programs. To obtain the user name and password you must be able to log onto the TRECA system. Once logged on, you can run the menu option SAFPASS. SAFPASS is located in the LOCAL menu option on the TRECA MAIN menu.

Menu tree example:



SAFPASS (Option to display username & password)

Once you have this username and password, you can access the SAFARI Download web page by clicking HERE, and then entering the username and password to get access to the download page. There, you will find links to download the two files used for installing Safari and instructions on how to extract and use these installers.

If you have any questions, call Fiscal Services at 740-389-4798 x 721 or send e-mail to