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Our Educational Expertise

TRECA's professional staff understands the realities our clients face on a daily basis and can develop the solutions needed to keep their operations running smoothly. Our primary service areas include:

Fiscal Services

Working closely with treasurers and district staff for local and state supported software. These services include assistance with accounting, payroll and inventory control software. To learn more about Fiscal Services, please click here.

Student Services

Helping districts become successful owners of their data by improving productivity and keeping current with state mandates and technololgy trends. Services include support for EMIS reporting, InfOhio and PowerSchool. To learn more about Student Services, please click here.

IT Services

Providing the latest technical support to school districts throughout our Ohio. Services include connectivity, integration support, procurement support, desktop and printer support, database development and on-site technical support. To learn more about IT Services, please click here.

Instructional Services

Enhancing the abilities of local schools to offer more educational options through online learning. We provide a wide variety of individual courses, comprehensive curriculum, professional development, learning support services and online school partnerships. To learn more about Instructional Services, please click here.