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Making Customized Education a Reality

Imagine the ability to brainstorm solutions to classic educational problems and have the freedom to implement them immediately. Virtual options can provide the structure and the tools to implement and test these ideas quickly and inexpensively.

Technology Will Revolutionize Education

When considering change, especially technology-related change, many educators write it off as the next fad and move on. This comes from years of hearing that technology would “revolutionize the classroom” only to find out that, years later, not much has changed. One of the main issues with virtual education, is the belief that it must be “all or nothing.” In other words, a student must choose between online or traditional education. However, this is not the case. Students may select online options to support or supplement their traditional education. In this time of tight budgets and educational cutbacks, online opportunities can provide students and districts with outstanding opportunities that would not otherwise be available.

Support for Public Schools Right Now

TRECA offers a variety of online educational options that are perfect for school districts, parents, and students. These customizable, affordable alternatives are designed to meet the individual needs of learners, thus providing students with a truly individualized learning experience 

Relevant Learning Solutions

Online education is not the only solution, but it is a powerful and flexible tool. It provides the flexibility for administrators and staff to solve real problems with creative solutions that meet the ever-changing needs and demands of students. Our instructional services include:

  • Professional Development
  • Comprehensive Instructional Support Services
  • Online Summer School
  • Credit Recovery/Enrichment Curriculum
  • PLATO iCredit Courses
  • COMPASS iCredit Courses
  • SAFE Learning Support
  • Special Education Support
  • ESL Support
  • Backpack SIS
For more information about our instructional solutions, please contact:
Larry Zimmerman
Chief Business Officer
740-389-4798 ext. 373