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TRECA currently serves student information, fiscal, IT, and instructional needs for over 73 school districts and organizations across the State of Ohio. Services are divided into three categories:

1. Member Services

Member services include the "Core Services" that all ITCs in the State of Ohio are required to offer their member districts. These include Basic Fiscal Services, Basic Student Services and Basic Connectivity Services.

2. Value Added Services

Value Added Services are provided to TRECA Consortium member districts at no additional cost and go above and beyond the state service requirements. To provide these services at no cost, TRECA utilizes grants, special purchasing options and other cost-saving strategies to provide members with products and services that other organizations would likely have to charge significant fees for performing. Note: Value Added Services are subject to change due to updated contract terms, state policies and grant cycles.

3. Additional Contracted Services

Additional Contract Services (also referred to as "Extended Services") enable TRECA to serve the individual needs of school districts and other organizations for an additional fee. These types of services are perfect for anyone in need of extended support, project consulting, professional development training, additional staffing, administrative support, software customization or instructional support options.
For more information about our service options, please watch the video below or contact:
Larry Zimmerman
Coordinator of Member Services
Phone: 740-389-4798 ext. 373