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TRECA Account Authorizations

What is TAMS?

TAMS (TRECA Account Management System ) is an online account application used to submit requests for Student Service (EMIS, eSIS, etc.,), fiscal, and/or e-mail accounts.

Where can I find the website for TAMS?

The web address is

What kind of access do you need in TAMS?

The Form Privileges are:

  • Student Services Access: None, Audit, Draft, and Approve (For District or for Building.
  • Fiscal Access: None, Audit, Draft, and Approve (For District or for Building).
  • Email/Other Access: None, Audit, Draft, and Approve (For District or for Building).
  • “None” will give you no access to a particular area if you do not need access.
  • “Draft” gives you the ability to enter account requests.
  • “Approve” allows you to review the requested account privileges, and authorize those account requests.
  • “Audit” access will be for auditors, but this is not an option we will be using right away.

*Also you can select a second district if you manage multiple districts.

Who will need to use TAMS:

Anyone who currently submits requests for e-mail, fiscal or eSIS accounts.(Treasurers will always need to be set up in TAMS for districts with fiscal support, because they are required to approve fiscal access. Some people may already have an Active Directory account on our system because these accounts are also used for EMIS-r, but we will need to give them TAMS rights, so we will still need the names of those people to give them the proper access.)

* Powerschool accounts do no require authorization through this system.

We will be requiring all new applications to be filled out using this online form, and have stopped accepting paper or faxed copies of the authorization forms.

TRECA Account Policies
Click HERE for an html version of our account policies
or click
HERE for a pdf version (Acrobat .pdf file, 15k).

Internet Filter Management Form
For administrators who need to manage their internet filter configuration, this form can be used to apply for an account.

Word Document (.doc)

Acrobat Document (.pdf)

Adobe Acrobat?
If you don't have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed,
HERE to download it for free.


Last Modified on April 7, 2014