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The TRECA/TRECA Digital Academy (TDA) Local Professional Development Committee (LPDC) exists to facilitate the professional development activities of the employees of TRECA/TDA.  Its purpose is to approve and verify professional development activities for all of the TRECA and TDA staff, including those employees holding professional certificates and licenses. The professional development activities are described in Individual Professional Development Plans (IPDPs) to facilitate professional growth opportunities and effectively meet state and federal requirements; the IPDPs are also subject to approval by the LPDC. A member of the LPDC, whose signature is registered with the Ohio Department of Education, is required to sign applications for renewals of educational licenses to verify that required professional development work has been done by the applicant. Legal specifications for the existence and purpose of LPDCs can be found in the Ohio Revised Code Section 3319.22 and Administrative Code Section 3301-3-07.

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